Armado Arnis is the Premier Filipino Martial Arts Club in South Essex.

We teach a dynamic, effective and realistic combat system that is tailored to the UK, using traditional Arnis principles and techniques.

Armado Arnis is based on the teachings of the parent system and customised for the UK. You will quickly learn how to successfully defend yourself using hand to hand combat in realistic situations. You will become proficient with weapons and this is trained from the start aswell (whereas other systems may not teach you weapons until alot later in your training journey). You will learn how to defend yourself from weapons when you have no weapon, using destructive disarming and control techniques, interceptions and counter attacking movements.

More about Arnis and Filipino Martial Arts:

Armado FMA DefTac:

Ar – Arnis (Stick, Bladed and Improvised Weaponry)
Ma – Mano Mano (Empty Hand to Hand Combat)
Do – Dumog / Buno (Way of Immobilization)

F – Filipino
M – Martial
A – Arts

Def – Defensive
Tac – Tactics (DefTac means to utilise non-lethal techniques and is a module within the system)

For detailed information about our founder Master Amosco click on this link:


Arnis, Eskrima, Kali are the 3 main umbrella terms for the Traditional Martial Arts of the Philippines( Filipino Martial Arts or FMA ). FMA emphasizes weapons-based fighting with Sticks, knives, machetes and other bladed weapons, as well as various improvised weaponry (anything that you can use near to hand). It is a complete and lethally effective martial system taught to the Filipino army (used extensively during World War 2) and law enforcement. It comprises empty hand striking and defending, disarming armed attackers, utilising locking, throwing and ground fighting (Dumog or Buno). Typical learning of the system utilises Solo Baston (Single Stick), Doble Baston (Double Stick), Espada y Daga (Sword and Dagger) Karambit (curved blade) Dulo Dulo (Palm Stick) and the knife.

Mano Mano:

Mano Mano is the empty hand to hand combat component of Arnis, Eskrima and Kali (Filipino Martial Arts). The term means " Hand to Hand " and comes from the Spanish word " Mano " Hand. It is also known as Suntukan, Panuntukan, Pangamut and Kinamutay. It is characterized by a combination of low line kicking, punching, open hand striking, elbowing, kneeing, throwing and locking (Dumog or Buno).


Dumog is the Filipino Martial Arts System of Grappling, Throwing, Locking, Pinning and Immobilization to control an opponent on the feet or the ground. The Principles are based on weapons and the empty hand aspect of Arnis, Kali and Eskrima. Techniques encompass a variety of pushes, pulls, weight shifts, bone breaking and joint locks. It is designed to move the opponent, often taking advantage of their weight and direction of force or throw them off balance. The word Dumog is commonly used in Visayas and Mindanao. while the word Buno is used in Luzon, specifically in Tagalog Speaking provinces.

Arnis / Eskrima / Kali (Different strands of the same martial arts and the names are interchangeable) is used in countless action films due to its destructive, brutal and fast paced effectiveness. If you want to see what some techniques and a fight style that a competent Arnis combat fighter will develop, look no further than any of the Bourne films or Taken franchise. These films showcase the empty hand and weapons of opportunity techniques really well. If you want to see good examples of Stick fighting then I, Frankenstein is probably the best example and for bladed arts Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli. The DC Arrow TV Series uses Filipino Martial Arts throughout and if you look closely then you will probably see some in every episode. Nightwing in the Titan's series uses Arnis as his primary fighting system. We have added some You tube links below relating to these films fight scenes to whet your appetite!

Come along and have a taster session, all fitness levels and capability welcome, no equipment necessary!

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